We execute works on engineering, delivery and installation of conditioning, ventilation and heating systems of industrial facilities with their reference to technological process of the enterprise. Building and construction conditioning can be divided into two classes: systems of comfort and systems of technological conditioning.
Comfort conditioning is designed for automatic control of air parameters, conforming to efficient sanitary requirements, i.e. «everything for people». Typical parameters - office building, hotel, supermarket.
First of all, systems of technological conditioning are targeted at air parameters, which conform to a certain industrial process to the maximum. A pair «equipment + people» is taken into consideration in technological processes which involve people.


Nowadays task of industrial conditioning is quite typical, it’s not difficult from an engineering point of view. Chiller-fancoil chart, which provides maximum preciseness of parameter maintenance and solution flexibility, is often used in technological conditioning.
Number of tasks on conditioning can be more efficiently executed with help of Freon systems with direct cooling based on compression-condensation units of personal assembly. Basically, we can ensure any necessary air parameters in facilities.
We work mainly with various difficult tasks of technological conditioning, where maintenance of multiple parameters is needed: temperature, humidity, air velocity in the work area, air purity in facilities, number of air changes, equability of parameter distribution in the whole facility or the opposite, achievement of necessary parameters only in the limited local area. At the same time, we are solving tasks regarding energy saving in technological installations and processes.


In order to provide necessary parameters of air environment in industrial, administration and amenity facilities, mechanical or natural air handling ventilation is used. Required air change in facilities is determined in accordance with sanitary regulations, recommended frequency rate and calculations form requirements to the particular type of facilities.
Specialists in our company carry out object studies in detail. Together with the client, they prepare technical task in detail. They carry out calculations, on the basis of which the decisions are made with regard to choosing the best equipment set for execution of an assigned task. Quality, price and energy efficiency are key when choosing equipment.
Equipment of industrial and domestic class is used in ventilation systems. Air supply and air handling units and with recirculation or recuperation of heat (plate or rotor recuperators). Axial-flow and radial-flow fans with EC-motors and regular ones. Our specialists executed projects with air heating of industrial facilities and warehouses. For this purpose both complex systems of air handling ventilation and fan heaters with use of water and electric heating of air are used.


In the executed projects, one can always see tasks on dehumidification and humidification of air in industrial facilities and warehouses. Dehumidifier units of condensing and rotor types became very popular for dehumidification of the amount of air in industrial tasks.
Centrifugal humidifiers (atomizers) for direct humidification, steam and ultrasonic humidifiers are used in facilities, where it is necessary to humidify air, in such processes as meat defrosting and vegetables preservation. Certain type of humidifier is effective in different tasks.
Our company has an experience in engineering and construction of both individual climate chambers of different purpose and large constructions with an artificial climate: incubators, greenhouses, special storage rooms, shops for confectionery industries, prepackaging, butchering, etc.
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