Considering the fact that the cost of energy carriers keeps increasing, the task of implementation of energy saving at industrial enterprises is quite crucial.
Energy saving is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at the more rational use of energy and material resources of the enterprise.
The task of energy saving can only be solved efficiently in an integrated manner and it is better to do at the stage of execution of project works.


Main energy consumers at the industrial enterprises are usually technological processes and installations. Systems of refrigeration, heat supply, and conditioning are considered the most energy consuming at food enterprises.
If you want to learn more about the methods that we use to increase their energy efficiency, please, read the following articles: Energy saving in technological processes, Energy saving in refrigeration technology, Energy saving upon air conditioning and dehumidification.


Thermotechnical systems usually consist of a large number of interconnected components, which are connected among themselves with the help of pipe lines, air ducts and control units connected by a single system.
Distinctive feature of the company «ESE» is an integrated interconnected approach to engineering of all engineering thermotechnical systems of an enterprise, which helps solve energy saving issues in the best way possible and use secondary energy resources. We engineer utility systems of enterprises taking into account principles of energy-saving engineering.
Together with the Client the company «ESE» develops detailed technical specifications (TS) and feasibility study (FS) based on the study of technology and equipment of a certain manufacture.
Engineering of large thermotechnical systems on the abovementioned principles not only allows you to save energy but also to decrease capital costs and water consumption considerably. Thus, considering the described above energy and resource saving principles, refrigeration supply system of milk canning factory «Roshen», engineered by us, was 1.5 times cheaper than traditional systems, offered by the competing companies.


Control of thermotechnical systems is executed in most cases at the level of separate subsystems and components (cooling tower installations, chillers, pump stations, air handling units, fancoils, etc.). That is why thermotechnical system functions as separate subsystems and not as a single complex.
Peculiarity of control systems offered by our company is use of special adaptive control programs of higher level, which combine control over all components. The purpose of this program is to receive maximum efficient operation mode of all system at any operating mode, runtime diagnostics and failure restoration, which promotes increase of the system service life.
We execute energy audit of operating enterprises.
Energy audit is an integrated energy survey of an object aimed at detecting its technical condition, manufacturing and energy use efficiency, plan development of energy-saving measures.
Peculiarity of services on energy audit offered by «ESE» is good knowledge of processes in thermotechnical systems (refrigeration supply, heat supply, conditioning, systems of artificial climate, etc.). It is impossible to execute audit production properly without it and to solve issues of energy saving at the enterprise.
It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of modern automated control, dispatching and monitoring tools in the list of energy-saving measures offered by the company «ESE». In fact, any energy-saving measure should start with accounting and control.