«ESE» offers services on engineering and construction of refrigerating chambers of different purposes.

Refrigerating chamber

Is one of the main components in trying to preserve product on its way to the consumer. Type and characteristics of equipment for chamber are determined by the technology of chamber use: cooling, storing or freezing the product.
Equipment for refrigerating chambers are divided into medium temperature (+8...-8°С) and low temperature (below -8°С). At temperatures above +8°С the task is transferred to the sector of technological conditioning.

Medium temperature chambers

Can be divided into cooling and storage chambers. The main difference lies in the equipment capacity. Usually, cooling chambers require maximum capacity within a short period.
The faster the product cools (meat, fruit, etc.), the lesser the product loss, and thus it can keep its quality in the storage chamber for longer period. Equipment capacity in the latter is calculated taking into account heat leak in the process of storing, including heat leak from the heat of product.

Low temperature chambers

Are subdivided into freezing and storage chambers. Freezing chambers can be substituted with fast-freezing tunnels (for instance, fluidization freezer) or hardening chambers (for ice-cream hardening).
The task is the same, to freeze the product as quick as possible. By doing that, one needs maximum equipment capacity, more than for the following storage.

High-quality heat insulation

Of refrigerating chambers is quite important for both product preservation and for efficient equipment operation.
We execute heat insulation of chambers in different options: chambers made out of polyurethane foam (PU foam) sandwich panels, heat insulted chambers made by using polyurethane foam spattering, etc. Choice depends on many factors such as economic (price) and operational (peculiarities of building constructions, logistics, operating technologies, sanitary regulations, etc.).
We suggest you to have a look at the projects executed by the company «ESE» on refrigerating chambers of different purposes at the enterprises of Ukraine.