Company «ESE» does engineering, construction and reconstruction works of refrigerating facilities at milk factories, meat plants, poultry farms, supermarkets, breweries, confectionary and chemical industries.
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Engineering, delivery, installation, putting into operation, service.
Our company has a lot of experience in development and manufacture of refrigerating installations of different classes with individual requirements of the Client, from Small refrigerating units to central refrigerating plants, with refrigerating capacity from kW units to MW.
Experience and quality.
Use of high-quality materials and modern technologies during manufacture of our installations is a guarantee of a long-term service. Execution of efficient installation plays an important part in such case.
We have an extensive research and production capabilities, competent personnel. Professional guarantee and service maintenance extend service life of the installed equipment.
Our partners are large enterprises in different sectors of industry and agriculture.


Liquid cooling systems (LCS) or chillers are designed for cooling all types of liquid cooling medium.
Chillers are used:
  • in meat and dairy, bread baking, recycling industries;
  • for water cooling upon saturation;
  • for cooling dairy products, liqueurs and spirits, juices, beverages;
  • in industrial conditioning systems (cooling of shops, warehouses, supermarkets, malls);
  • in machine-building: cooling of technological liquids (emulsions, oils), cooling of casting machines, lasers;
  • in medicine: cooling of reactors and sublimation chambers upon manufacture of medicine, etc.


Natural cooling agents such as ammonia, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide (СО2) come into use in modern refrigerating technologies more and more. Ammonia is widely used in large refrigerating installations. However, its main downsides, which are toxicity and fire, explosion hazard, are non-removable.
That is why more and more refrigerating systems are constructed with use of СО2 nowadays. Carbon dioxide has the following advantages: high volumetric refrigerating effect, non-toxicity and safety, inactivity towards materials, low price and availability.
Our company has many years of experience in project execution using ammonia and carbon dioxide in refrigerating appliances. We are ready to calculate and choose a customized solution for you. You can get competent consultation on the matters of your interest in our company.
Please go to the section «Executed projects», if you want to find out about the list of projects executed by the company «ESE».
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